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    HI, im new on here so hope im posting in correct place.

    I've been looking into getting a new sleeping for various camping trips in the UK and around Europe.

    Im undecided though between the Snugpak Discovery and the Carinthia Defence 4.

    Unless theres a better option?

    I want the bag to be lightweight, comfortable in as low temperature as possible and waterproof (with or without bivvy bag). Also, footroom to accomadate boots is a must and the whole thing going to be extremly hard wearing and tough throughout whole item.

    Must pack relatively small.



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    Take a look at the other snugpak's aimed at military use, they go down to -20 and have the sewn in inserts for wearing boots etc.
    They are not waterproof so you will need a Bivvy unless your in a tent or hammock.
    Softie elite 4 is the one im going to buy as had a softie before and it was very good and very very warm.

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    I have the elite 4. Great bag but not light and doesnt pack susper small. but then none of them do unless you drop 300-400 on a down bag

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    Carinthia Defence 4 has attaching points for a polycotton liner (sold separately), meaning you not only increase the temperature a bit, but also protect the inner of the sleeping bag from dirt, dust, mud etc. Don't know if you prefer centre-zip bag over a left/right-hand.

    Concerning size, take a look at the video below (in French)

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    Defence 4 is a lovely bag. I have a Softie 10, a Snugpak elite 3, and a Carinthia Defence 4. When I want luxury, it is the carinthia all the way. The fabric in the carinthia is waterproof too (but the seams aren't)- fine for snow holing or similar though. The snugpaks will definitely need a bivy if whatever you are doing risks getting them wet- plenty of fairly cheap lightweight and compact solutions for those though (e.g. alpkit hunka). When I want compact and lightweight, the snugpak elite 3 has the edge, but it is nowhere near as warm. I make up for that with wearing a softie jacket (and sometimes softie trousers) inside it.

    Your stated criteria will never really be met all in one bag- most likely whatever bag you have will be a compromise between light, compact and warm, very durable (and waterproof). I would say the Defence 4 is a pretty good choice though, augmented by a snugpak for summer or lightweight use. Carinthias can be found in new condition on ebay (they are the new issue british army bag) for under 100. They come in two lengths (200cm and 220 cm), so if you are below 6ft tall, make sure you save a big of weight and bulk and get the 200cm version (these are a little harder to find).

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    As The Lord Poncho says the Defence 4 is a lovely bag - I was in mine last night and toasty throughout! I also have the Tropen summer bag which is a very good sleeping bag in its' own right for warmer temps and makes for a truly arctic level system when used as an inner for the Defence 4. The compression stuff sacks they come with are very good indeed at getting the bags down to a pretty small size for a large synthetic fill. One correction though, they come in 185 and 200 sizes, not 200/220, and at 6'5'' I am very comfortable in the 200 size versions.
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    If you buy the Dutch military sleep system you get a Defence 4 AND a Tropen for about 85... The Tropen has a built in bug net which makes it great for summer camping

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    Quote Originally Posted by brambles View Post
    One correction though, they come in 185 and 200 sizes, not 200/220, and at 6'5'' I am very comfortable in the 200 size versions.
    yep, spot on- my mistake!


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