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Thread: OES MacCat Standard - Forest Brown Silnylon Tarp

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    Default OES MacCat Standard - Forest Brown Silnylon Tarp

    Hi guys,

    I've finally decided to let this little beauty go as I don't use it. It was bought direct from OES as a custom order (due to the colour). It measures 3.2m x 2.1m and weights 320g.

    I packs right down to a little stuff sack - 7x3in.

    No guy lines included, but does come with comms cord ridge line tie outs, and the corner points have zip lights on them.

    Used a handfull of times, and has no loose threads, rips, tears, etc etc.

    I'm asking 55 including p&p (RMRD).


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    Early evening bump with a price drop to 50 (inc P&P).

    Any takers?

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