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Thread: Camp Fire Grill/hotplate Prototype

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    Default Camp Fire Grill/hotplate Prototype

    Been busy this morn in the workshop, gathered a few bits of scrap together and made this, I am going to make an other one the idea was a firebox with a removeable grill that could be used just as a Grill/Hotplate on an open fire,

    So the frist Step...

    Found some Small Angle, then a bit of 6mm Plate, and some Welded Steel Mesh and some Flat Bar for folding legs, and a few screws.... some of the welding could have been better but hey Ok for a quick prototype.

    going to try it out next weekend, it was wider and longer, but made it narrower as it did not look quite right, I want to see how well the plate does with heat retension, and how/if the heat spreads evenly, once happy with this I will make a final one to the size that works for me.

    2012-05-06 12.36.23.jpg

    I have worked out a couple of minor problems/changes I can see I want to do, I am already thinking about making an a small oven that will clip to the side as well...
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    Very good! I have one (not made, but bought) and it's proved very useful. Will be interesting to see how it handles the heat of the fire - our one is prety substantial and still tends to warp a bit!

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    Very Nice, Well Done.

    I'm in the process of making one at work for a friend, Not as big as yours though, Hoping to have it finished by next weekend.
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