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    Not exactly wild food but food cooked in the wild!
    I often make bannock in the woods when I am camping but recently I cant find powderd egg to make a cake like mix so
    I thought I would try ready made scone mix as a sweet bannock, woorked really well, I made a wet'ish mix and added
    dryed fruit, heated a little oil in a frying pan then slapped the mix in, as soon as I could smell a little burning of the base I flipped it over .
    after about 1min I flipped it back over then propped the pan up facing the fire when I saw the top had browned all over and sounded hollow with a finger tap I took it out of the pan and let it cool for an hour on some clean split sticks. After sausage casserole and smash the big ish woods scone wnet down a treat with butter and jam. I was thinking if I added more fruit and some sugar I could have it with custard like spotted dick, I am sure theres a lot that could be done with this mix. I will tru it in the dutch oven next time. I bought Morrisons own mix.
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    Just been researching bannock for a mate of mine (hi mate!) and was surprised to find that pretty much any ole flat bread can be a bannock, whether that be sweet fruit scone like bannock or basic flour flat breads. The canadians seem to be big on em

    I tend to go for flour n water fried in oil, nice n simples and a great addition to any oot n aboot stew.

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    If you mix it runny; consistency of engine oil, say, it might well work in a dry frying pan for American pancakes.

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    Hi all , I went up the woods this morning to try out a knife i recently finnished and decided to make a scone here's the Pictures, by the way the knife is a pathfinder Cantabury clone with a sabre grind and secondary bevel, black micarta handle (left rough 120 grit) that has a slightly different shape to the original.

    make a cuppa , scone is a bit dry without one!

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    nice thread, will have to give the scone mix a try this week, looks nice. thanks for sharing -Arctic adventures


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