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Thread: A wander round Kielder Forest

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    Default A wander round Kielder Forest

    Since I had next to nothing to do today I thought I'd have a ride out to Kielder Forest in Northumberland for a bit of a walk. I've been up there a few times recently but this time I headed to the Lewisburn area and it was dead quiet - my type of solo trip. Anyway, here's some pics:

    I had to ditch the car at the gate and follow the burn westwards

    As seems to be the way up here it wasn't long before I found my first oddity. Not sure who the bloke was, but he's got a cracking name

    I get bored of tracks fairly quickly and often end up rambling through the woods. It was a little soggy underfoot today, mind

    Canny looking Forestry Commission hide. Access was not permitted so I left it alone

    Stopped for a brew and a bit of dinner before heading into the brush again. Almost got clattered by a falling tree but somehow forgot to get my camera out as the widowmaker came down. Silly me

    After a really enjoyable walk, about 5 minutes before I got back to the car I put my foot right through a pile of red mud and ended up having to drive home with a soggy foot. Never mind eh?

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    Someone else had a good day. Well done that man (except for the bit with the mud )
    Stupidity got us into this mess. Why can't it get us out?


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