The weather look perfect so I decided to go for a little trundle around Odiham near where we live,

Its a lovely market village with a very good high street, though no butchers or gunsmiths(the nearest being in Hook?)

Started along the Basingstoke Canal towards Greywell, the little warf leads into the Waterwitch pubs Garden!!

Its a beautiful water way, spotted this Grey Heron, it also spotted me!

The canal looked nice and full, though the path having been washed out a little was hammering my feet

So though the views are lovely,

I decided to go off into a field for a bit,

The river White water is really benefiting from the last few days rain,

Hit a little concrete farm road to get to the main Odiham to Hook road,

Hhhmmmmmm rainy!

The style at the end was interesting! muddy trainers and algy covered wood do not work well!

Off to the ford!

The greens are a great day out for a family picnic and a bit of wildlife watching, you can also rent canoes from the warf in Odiham for 10 an hour

You are here! (the middle of the lower three car parks)

I think I NEED a snorkel for the Jeep this is one of two fords where the river splits to flow around a lovely house and gardens,

I apologise for the pics from here as things got a lot wetter!, this is the lane between the fords, if its flooded you know the houses on the greens aren't having fun!

Part two to follow, THE CLIMB HOME!