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    Default Windermere today

    This afternoon we celebrated my son's end of hols by taking the canoe out on Windermere.
    We have a big Grumman canadian which has been languishing neglected in my back garden
    for 9 months or so , taking up lots of space and making me feel guilty.
    It now has a new home right on the shore of Windermere at a reasonable rent so we will be using it
    much more now we don't have to load it on the Jeep roof and cart it through.

    Windermere was glorious and we had a fun afternoon paddling up to White Cross bay and a bimble
    round some of the islands before heading back home.
    Junior was much better than last time out as he barely fidgeted at all and paddled well though I'm sure
    we will both feel it in the morning due to the brisk breeze from the Waterhead end of the lake.
    Good weather , good water , great views and a glad to be alive feeling.
    Can't wait for the next time.
    Cheers , Simon
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    No pics ?

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    Sounds like good fun so we need pictures simon
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