Some of you may have went to the Grand Opening of Woodland Ways Shop on Saturday. For one reason and another (****** back) I didn't get.
Anyhoo I nipped down today to see them and bought a Light my Fire big box of Fatwood for 2 & some nice hot Jerked Jerky (way hot - phew) and some nice Soy and Ginger Jerky made by The Jerky Shack at 1.35 for 15g (among some other stuff SWMBO didn't see)
(nearly half the price of that on evilbay )
Nice setup as well with lots of useful stuff from Knives, make your own knife sets, DD hammocks, bowdrill sets, titanium eating sets, a nice natural looking KFS and teaspoon set for sale among loads of other reasonably, useful stuff, to Zebra Billy's at 19.95. Not too much faddy stuff about (You know - that stuff everyone's advised to buy but no one ever uses )
Also has areas to show tracking skills, fire making and I saw a sign saying one to one bowdrill instruction for 5. Also had a one man natural shelter on show.
Talking to Jason and Jo (the owners) they said they had several people already booked for the desert survival trip they have organised (I drink to much water, tea and coffee to do it unfortunately ha ha )
I'm not affiliated just a satisfied customer that was pleased to find a shop that knows what decent stuff is and the person serving knows how to use it and can offer advice on stuff suited to you!
You can find them behind the Country Park Premier Inn at Woodland Ways, Priory Marina, Barkers Lane, Bedford, MK41 9DJ
They're web shop and site should be up and running soon apparently