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Thread: Halloween Meet - Last minute reprieve!

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    Default Halloween Meet - Last minute reprieve!

    Hi All.

    After much confusion we have the go ahead to camp at Bowley Scout Camp, in Great Harwood, this weekend - Friday 1700hrs to Sunday 1600hrs.

    Activities are still being negotiated, but we can shoot .177 air rifle and archery to our hearts content (if we pay the range fees of £20 per group per hour).

    Camping fees are £5 per person per night, which includes a donation to RBL Poppy Appeal. Fees are payable to me on arrival please...Please note, no arrivals before 1700hrs as the site is in use until then.

    Usual meet rules apply, see next post please!

    Can I suggest that we make this a skill sharing weekend? If you have a skill, please bring enough resources to teach it to a few others, who in turn will pass on something else...

    Don't worry if you don't feel confident enough to share though, just turn up and enjoy as always!

    See you all there!

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    Default Meet rules

    These rules are there because we, as a group, and the site have a reputation to maintain. Unfortunately the world is full of critics who love to point a finger – and we're there on the trust that we’ve worked hard to gain.

    This list isn't exhaustive - common sense applies. If in doubt, Ask!

    Forum members are responsible for themselves, the kit they use and their own actions at a Meet – if you bring along family (or a friend) then you also accept responsibility for them and their actions whilst they are on site.

    Forum members under the age of 18 are welcome. However, they must be accompanied by at least one parent (or legal guardian).

    You brought it in, you take it out – camping fees do not include a rubbish collection fee! The sites bin is the big orange thing in the campers car park.

    Fees must be paid. It’s rare, but sometimes people forget.

    Responsible drinking of alcohol is ok – drugs are prohibited!
    This is a scouting site and is not open to the general public - please don't walk through another groups pitch whilst drinking alcohol and/or smoking.

    ‘Appropriate’ behaviour: The site can, at any time, decline a booking – they can also ask(tell) us (individually or wholly) to leave during the Meet. Fees would still be owed! Be aware that other users of the site might be passing by our pitch at any time of the day or night – I do get feedback!

    Parking: Vehicles need to be parked up in the campers car park.

    Fires: Due to peat soil, open fires must be raised and contained. Periodically there is a shortage of wood available to burn - if you want to cook on an open fire bring a supply of wood or charcoal

    Food: Unless organised prior to the Meet, you need to bring enough food to feed yourself while you are at the Meet.
    Accidents do happen and people will try to help out where they can - If you are visiting someone else’s pitch do not expect to be fed.

    Use the appropriate tools at the appropriate times.

    It would be wise to be carrying a torch before it gets dark! It could also be provident to put markers on your shelter so you can find it in the dark.

    The pitch is suitable for using tents, hammocks and bivvies - use what you have and are comfortable using. Even with 30+ using the pitch there is still ample room to bring/use one type and trial/experiment with another.

    If you stick your name down and can no longer make it, please say so.

    Please note that, on occassion, the first post will be edited to include better information. Although updates/edits will be posted in the thread, the first post needs to be re-read well in advance of the Meet

    In the highly unlikely event that I need to make use of this ... I reserve the right to stop any individual(s) from attending a Meet. Any individual(s) who I feel endanger our future use of the site will be required to leave the site(outstanding fees will still be owed)
    The 'Touchy Subject' bit:

    Because the site is, first and foremost, a Scout camp site, the only people we can't accommodate are those who would, purposely or otherwise, do harm to others. Primarily, this means that if you would be found unfit to adopt or foster a child then you can’t come along – same goes for anyone knowingly under investigation or having had an allegation made against them and is awaiting investigation.

    It's fine if you want to:

    be on your own
    lay on your back looking at the sky, clouds, birds flying over etc
    practice 'stuff' - except tree felling; the site has strong opinions about that
    practice flora and fauna i.d
    so on and so forth ...

    This is, in no way, a bushcraft course and it's for you to make of it what you will.
    Owner & Chief Instructor at Wood-Sage Outdoor Education

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    Cool see u there

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    Won't be able to make this now, hope you have a good weekend, wheather looks to be ok.

    Not all those who wander are lost.

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    Fantastic weekend , relaxed camping and learning with a great bunch , thanks to Simon , Spikey , Drew and my own Flumpie for sharing sorry I shared too much

    Top Mountainman Breakfast too !

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    well said tetley it was an ausome and you certainly didnt share to much in my opinion byt hey thats me


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