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Thread: Aigle Parcours ISO Wellies ( 4.5mm thick Neoprene Lined).

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    Default Aigle Parcours ISO Wellies ( 4.5mm thick Neoprene Lined).

    Thinking of buying a pair in readyness for the arctic winter forecast!!

    Recommendations seem to be with natural rubber wellies such as these to routinely treat them with a silicone spray to keep them supple/waterproof and generally in good nick. Aigle sell their own silicone spray called Swipol Spray @ 9. 99. Just wondered how many of you out there who regularly use natural rubber wellies bothered to use such a spray and how you found it?
    Many thanks

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    Dunno how much them thar Aigle wellies are, but I like Muckboots, from about forty quid to sixty quid or so. It may sound a lot, but I'm in them for at least an hour a day, for at least seven months of the year so it isn't that bad. They are warm, comfy, and easy to get on over my (ahem) muscly calves, they can be rolled down to make little boots - all in all, a good product!
    I don't have to rub them with owt, either, just leave them festering in the back of the car between walks.

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    Hello matey, I have these and use them a lot, they are brilliant on ice! have never put any product on them in the 6 years of having them, aside from looking a little grubby they aren't showing any sign of wear or drying. superb boots! though if you have dogs, be sure to guard against there hairs getting in the, they stick in the neoprene and poke your foot after a while, a bit of selotape wrapped around the fingers sticky side out and dabbed around inside gets them out though!
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    The Aigle wellies are well worth the investment, I have a pair of Le Chams and never used anything for ten years on them until the other week there and noticed the difference right away, the rubber seems to soak in the silicone like waxing leather, if i knew it was like that I would have bought the wellie care stuff years ago! I will be using it on them from now on!!

    You wont regret buying these wellies as they will last for years!!
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    just noticed this thread...I have the exact same pair and they're awesome. the wife bought me them for me birthday back in february, and theyre awesome around the farm, the woods, the beach and the local market!! theyre the 1st pair of footwear i tend to reach before the wife gives me that knowing 'dont u dare we're going to my mothers' look.

    you wont regret buying a pair...
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    Recommend either the Aigle or Muck boots - both really comfy tough + warm. Used Aigle neopren + the non lined ones for years. Prefer them to Le Chem purely cos of the fitting on my feet. Muck boots really good too.


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