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Thread: Telling another leader about Scouts behaviour outside scouts?

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    Default Telling another leader about Scouts behaviour outside scouts?

    Iím a new to scouts and recently became an Explorer assistant leader and in my neibourhood there is a local kid who is the Bain of the roads problems with constantly trespassing on people properly and generally causing a deliberate nuisance to the neighbourhood. I know he is a scout from a different group to mine since he was trying to hide away from me when I noticed him at summer camp.

    Is there some code of conduct he should be following while not in the scouts and could I report his behaviour to his scout leader?

    Or would it be a pointless thing to do and just seem like Iím picking on him from an authoritarian roll?

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    well he at least is at scouts one night a week not being a tit get him banned puts him back on the streets and out of the influence of the scouting movement, I was a proper little **** but a good scout I think they helped me grow out of it as they gave me a chance

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    Wasn’t planning of getting him banned from Scouts just making him a bit weary knowing I have eye and ears everywhere type thing so hopefully the little git wont keep coming down to the garages near me and break into them.

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    Quite a difficult one this - but I feel your pain

    Personally, and I think you can only speak about this personally, I would have a word with his mother and/or leader at this group on his group night. Nothing sinister but just highlight that you have noted, or better yet, people have come to you knowing he is in scouts and you are a leader asking what can be done. Might just be he has NOTHING to do on non-scout nights and is acting up.

    as Xander says, The Scout Association tries to instil and expects a level of conduct from its members to present it in the best light. Normally when bad behaviour is noted we would exclude the child from a particular event they would want take part in. I agree that getting him remove the the group is OTT.

    It really depends on how much you values you values and how far you want to go to instil them in the youngsters that you represent.


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