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    need some advice if anyone has any. rescued a bluetit from some kids today obviously a chick but not quite flight ready, they didnt know where it came from, no nest boxes I could see or frantic parents about but lots of cats dogs and kids. so I brought it home.

    its now in an old hamster cage courtesy of next door with a bogroll nest, some water, cat food and peanut butter.

    any tips?

    as I have two juvenile kittens I cant really keep it here to raise it and the estate is rather barren of bird life being relatively new. willing to give the chirpy little chick a head start though. I would have left it alone if it wasnt for all the interested parties around and lack of a home for it
    well at least I know what I mean to say

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    Give 01285 862439 a call.

    It's a wildlife rescue centre Cirencester.
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    Sad to say but unless you're willing to feed it mushed up insect about once every minute 24 hours a day it's going to die, even if you try it may die very soon. Stamp on it or leave it somwhere quiet to die.


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