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    Smile Time on my hands

    I cracked several ribs and bruised me back and all sorts of things on friday 8 -7 while horse riding in Greece. Im now able to move about a bit, what can i do [bushcrafty that is] to keep myself occupied? Im gonna start by making some char cloth any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Collect tinder from the tumble drier, do a bit of work on a friction fireset (start making a hearth and thew like). Teach yourself ropework and knots. Braiding and plaitting is another good one
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    Could be a good time to check your kit, get everything sharp that should be, cleaned, repaired and organised. Re-read your bushcraft library looking for new ideas. Perhaps try a few small projects like putting together various kits, i.e. first aid, fire kit, possibles, sewing kits etc. Try out & refine recipes in the comfort of you own kitchen.

    Hope the above helps and wishing you a speedy recovery.

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    Busted ribs are a right pain - you've got my sympathies there...

    You could try carving a few little things? Maybe more ornate than usual, depending on your skill level I suppose.

    As you're a bit imobilized, you could see if you can really 'survive' on the contents of your survival kit in an 'emergency', in the garden or the front room not deliberately marooning yourself somewhere what might be dead simple as a fully fit adult might not be so easy with limited movement? If you find you can't do something crucial, you can always go inside and sit on the sofa with a cup of tea to think how to improve your kit or technique, then let us know too

    Finally, spend your new found free time hunting on the web for better deals on your mortgage, insurance, loans, credit cards, gas and electricity, etc etc... then work out which custom made knife to buy with the money you've saved

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    Why not try a bit of home made Jerky check out Hoodoos recipe it is cracking.

    Hope you feel better soon crack ribs are a killer!

    Have you sneezed yet?
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    Default thanks

    Thanks for the Ive made a bit of char cloth and found some fluff in the drier. Keep the ideas coming as the doc said it would mean at least a month off. Ive got bits of kit strewn all over the house ,as soon as my side can take the hard ground im off to the woods but i think that will have to wait at least until the weekend. Thanks again.

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    Can't you kip in a hammock? Give it a whirl in the back garden, rip the old girls washing line down and get your hammock up there instead, grab a book and a 'soft drink' and chill out for the afternoon, see how you get on.

    Actually, don't rip the missus' washing line down, your ribs will never mend if you do that!


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