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Thread: Is the Bushmoot for novices?

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    Default Is the Bushmoot for novices?


    I would love to take my son to the Bushmoot. He is 7. A couple of years ago we went on a bushcraft weekend together and had a great time. It was catered so we did not have to have much equipment to cook.
    We have very little equipment i.e. a tent and a couple of sleeping bags. We do not have much money to spend on lots of kit but would buy the minimum we need.

    What would we need as a minimum?

    Would we have to make our own fire and cook our own stuff or are there some places to share cooking and food?


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    Absolutely it is
    It's for anyone to come along. Very informal, you don't need the latest kit or best possibles pouch. Just yourself with a mind to partake and you'll have a ball!

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    Your son will have a great time at the Moot. There will be lots of other kids he can hang out and play with in the woods that surround the site. There will also be some workshops especially for kids. The Moot is selfcatering though (Tesco's is only a 10 minute drive).
    As Mark (Buckshot) says: you don't need all the latest kit. You've got a tent & sleeping bags (+ sleeping mats?) - so that's your night sorted. You can cook on your own little fire if you choose to do so. Some people get together and do some communual cooking. Tesco's also do some cheap CampingGaz gasstoves. I'm no stove guru, but know these are good enough for the Moot. Add 2 old pots (maybe a kettle) you might have lying around (or have a look at Trangia or copies there off, that occassionally pop up at Lidl's). Something to store some water in (so you don't have to walk to the tap every time you need water). A mug, cutlery, plate and your ready to go.

    Clothing: old stuff you've got lying around. Some warm jumpers for the evenings and some waterproofs when it rains (it's still Wales).

    First Aid kit (on your person) if you carry a knife.

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    Think that covers it, if not I'm sure someone else will add to it

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    Welcome aboard Meromanche,
    It is quite normal to cook over an open fire at the moot site, but your pots & pans need not be anything special. Crockery & cutlery can be out of the kitchen drawer and anything else you might need can be adapted from normal domestic fayre. What you will need to do is plan carefully so that you can make your meals suit your facilities & ability. There is a superstore a few miles up the road for re-supplies of fresh stuff, so you won't need to bring loads of perishable goods. You might be able to join in a group and share fires etc, but again its best to plan to be self sufficicent just in case.

    Its best to plan for the worst weather that a Welsh summer can produce, at the least, you'll be prepared to get damp & chilly - any better weather will be a bonus.


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    Well, I have booked it! So Wales here we come.

    I will be trawling Ebay for a few bits and bobs to add to the equipment we have.

    See you there!


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    Just take what has been listed above, along with suitable clothes for Welsh weather You can cook on a fire, or on a burner of some sort as long as you have pans or billies that are suitable. You'll cope OK.
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    Welcome aboard.. Both yourself and your son will love the moot. As well as the workshops there will be other activities Pirates and plunder, and maybe a real live Viking or two !!  66&dateline=1221166572


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