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Thread: Trip to Loch Lomond ( PIC HEAVY )

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    Default Trip to Loch Lomond ( PIC HEAVY )

    I recently went on a 6 day trip to Loch Lomond with Andywink and pjmcbear, I thoroughly enjoyed it , weather wasn't great midges were bad up north but wow what a place , Just wanted to share a few of the pictures i took , and Thanks to Andy for Paying for the fuel for the full trip.
    Me having a go on the old Pipe

    Andy looking like he should have been in the film Deliverance lol

    I like this one sums up the trip for me

    Nice view as the sun went down at one of the camps

    Paul catching some zzzzz

    And pulling a perch out of the loch with a spinner

    Some bits of my kit looking nice I think

    A friendly swan checking out the canoe

    MIDGEI attack

    And finally some nice views

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    Stuff hammoks when you have a canoe and your a short ars like me, zzzzzzzzzz

    what a trip it was, good food good company and fantastic views, what an experiance sleeping on an island, cant wait to do it again,

    i also learned i bit of the old fellows i was with also

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    looks good - except for 1 or 2 scary sights

    Must start saving for a new boat
    Townies- the people that spend the money that allows rural folk to still live in the pretty bits

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    you should see him in the morning Ed , and he forgot to mention he cracked his head on that bar after drinking most of my jack D and woke up with a scabby head , stick to the hammock

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    Nice one. I was hoping to bump into Paul at the Moot, I even took the Tramp Camping book to return as I was sure he was going. It is back here again until our next meeting. Loch Lomond looks fine, apart from the midgies!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdS View Post
    looks good - except for 1 or 2 scary sights

    Must start saving for a new boat

    Be afriad be very afriad, but you must remember we was on an island, it was a bit like lost, i also saw the others

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    Like I said - I'm jealous. Nice....
    See what I'm up to in bushcraft ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by andywinkk View Post

    i also learned i bit of the old fellows i was with also
    Less of the old, Steptoe!

    A fantastic trip and many great memories, including the eagles circling high above us at the north end, the osprey snatching at the water a few metres in front of me, Andy on his island with the lone bush and taking a swim in the Loch, that was cold .

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    Sounds like you all had a hoot.

    Cracking photos Singeblister.
    A wee tip for canoe photography is that you can rotate full-res pics to fix the horizon in image editing software. You have to then crop the picture a bit but....
    ....hang on, the wonkiest horizon is taken from land. Ho, hum, the process is good for whisky-induced wonkyness too.


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