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Thread: Preserving a Fox Tail

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    Default Preserving a Fox Tail


    Can anyone offer any advice on preserving a foxes tail (roadkill), a superb condition vixen.

    I believe I need to remove the tail bone, fasten it in a vice and push /pull, but thats all I have heard.

    Any offers?


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    Default fox tail

    Yes essentially that's all you do. If it can't come out makea small slit along the tail in the skin and pull it out then sew it back up. Before sewing abck up or before drying try and cut all fat, grissle off and rub in lots of borax and leave to air dry. When I was very young and on the road as it were I had sewn one at the back of my 68 pat army jacket so it just peaked out underneath Oh deary me![/FONT]

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    I usually remove fox tails by means of a cleft stick. Then i give the tail a good wash in fairy, to remove the stink. Then dry it out on the line-the misses goes weak when i do this, so i make sure she is out.

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    The quickest way to debone a charlie tail is to make a cut all the way round at the base of the tail (skin only not through the bone) then cut a straight green stick about 8 inches in length and roughly the thickness of your little finger. Cut this stick in two and place one piece either side of the fox tail in the cut you have made around the circumference. Grasp both bits of stick together in one hand hard against the tail bone and pull - The tail should slip straight off leaving the bone, it can then be split and cured as per suggestions from other members in this thread. If you like I can do some photos when I next get one (possibly tomorrow night) and post them into this thread

    If you have already cut the tail off secure it to a sturdy block of wood by driving a nail through the bone or clamp in a vice (messy ) and debone as suggested. It should take longer to cut around the tail base than it does to strip the bone, it's that quick

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    Yes you need to get out the tailbone.
    You need a sharp knife or scalpel is better.
    Starting at the wide end, cut a line from the base right down the tail- until it gets to the size of a small pencil, and then stop. Try to keep the incision in a straight line. Then carefully peel with fingers the skin of the tail, starting at the base and working to the tip. When you arrive at the end of the cut line, firmly hold the tail and pull the skin down so it turns inside out, like taking a sock off. Once you have done this and the tail is out, make sure there no meat sticking on the skin, if there is pull it off or used a spoon to push it of the skin.
    If you are planning on using the tail, in places were it with be dry.
    Get a needle and some thick thread and start sewing up the cut, starting at the tip. When sewing, sew from the inside and out the fur side each time.
    Keep going up and every 6cm or so filling the tail with salt. Keep going to like this so it looks like a small sausage.
    Then put it on a slopping surface tip to bottom, with a cloth over it. When you think about it , turn it over. After a couple of weeks knock all the salt out of it and leave it too dry. Give the fur a bush and then whalla one foxtail ready to make anything your mind can come up.

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    The two sticks and a vice method worked a treat, as Silverback said, it didn't take many seconds!!
    Washed the blood off of it and am now drying it and adding borax to the inside.


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    fox is a nice piece of tail. I also like raccoon.
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    We used to put a hazel stick in place of the tail bone to make a duster, works really well.

    Also useful for teasing cats


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