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Thread: paracord walking stick handle.

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    Default paracord walking stick handle.

    How do i wrap paracord around my walking stick handle?
    I picked up a nice staff while out walking the other day. I have no idea which wood it is as it was just lying on the ground and could have been one of many. I have carved some sections in it, nothing fancy just blocks of bark removed, and now i would like to wrap a paracord handle around it.
    Yes i am a paracord junkie since i followed the lanyard posts............its all your fault im an addict lol

    After using the search function and looking around the web i cannot find anything of help. This might be because im a bit thick or more than likely Im not using the right search words.......any links or help would be appreciated as im pulling my hair out trying to find this info.

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    Hows about something like this but on a larger scale. You can make as many turns as you need to make a decent handle.


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    kind of but i want to be able to use the paracord at a later date if i need to and that seems to cut it short. I will give it a go and see what happens.
    cool site for knots tho cheers

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    It worked Thank you. I ran out of cord before i finished the length of handle i want. So off to the shops i go (any excuse to get more cord )

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    Whipping is good, but if you want to be more adventurous, something like a plait can be used or a turks head. Turks heads are traditionally used to finish off the end of a whip handle which is after all a solid core covered in a leather plait. Maybe time to try branch out into leather?

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    Sorry about the paracord lanyard posts. I didn't know paracord addiction was contagious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by madrussian
    Sorry about the paracord lanyard posts. I didn't know paracord addiction was contagious.
    Shakes my fist at madrussiian .......then falls over lmao

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    Hey Firebreather,
    Ask around your family, especially any youngsters, about a craze thats going around the schools - Scoobies - they even sell kits of coloured plastic cords to make them. Basically its a sequence of repeated crown knots to give a patterned key fob type of thing.
    Whipping would be my recommendation - or a patterned version of it. Start with a known length of cord and use it all so that you know how much you have with you on your staff.


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    Well i been messing around with a walking stick today after reading you guys talking about it! hopefully this pic will work nd if it has its my first ever succesfully posted pic quite pleased with how it looks!
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    Looks great. I need to wax and oil my staff before i wrap it finally with about a mile of Just got to wait to get some more cord as my local shop has sold out and its naff stuff anyway.

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    try spiral hitching with a turk's head to hide the ends

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    Cheers for all the stuff. I have been playing around with a few and think i like the first one best its dead easy and i like easy . Im off to learn how to make a turks head now so if you dont see me for weeks you know why.

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    That's a nice staff and a nice job of wrapping. One idea to consider would be to have a loop there somewhere so that, if need be, you can have your hands free while still retaining your staff.


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