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Thread: Sleeping bag for a "restless sleeper"

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    Default Sleeping bag for a "restless sleeper"

    I've bought a bell tent for family camping which we all have taken to nicely. I'd like to add another sleeping bag to my collection, one which is comfortable for me tossing and turning all night. As this is for the car camping outings size and weight are not a real consideration. I've been looking at envelope or rectangular style bags like the robens killarney, I hope they give me more space to move around compared to my mummy style bags. Spec would be good to -5 or slightly lower, ideally with a cowl that keeps my pillow in and a neck baffle. I find my mummy style bags are great but I end up with them twisting up during the night and I wake myself up trying to straighten myself up.
    If anyone can also chip in with their experiences of this style of bag that would be really helpful, I can't be the only one who flips over several times a night.

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    I used the word toss-er in my title bt not as profanity

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willcurrie View Post
    I used the word toss-er in my title bt not as profanity

    Now known as Will the.....

    A forum I was on had a shooting section, but asterisked cock via the swear filter. A difficult one for mods and admin if there are different meanings.

    I've just acquired a DD Jura in XL size. It's roomy, centre zipped for my hammocking, has a good baffle and hood, fairly cheap, good reviews etc.

    Others, Coleman Big Basin, or the Snugpak Chrysalis which has two zip runs to allow expansion.
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    Vaguely recall something about the acronyms TWiB'y and TIB'y being used to describe the problem. (Turning With Bag and Turning Inside Bag), of course it's not really the bags fault but the user. Ground dwellers, particularity side sleepers tend to suffer from somnolent rotation as a result of inadequate ground insulation - basically your shoulder gets cold so you roll over onto the other one. Wisdom from across the pond on the Appalachian Trail suggests in warmer/drier conditions with a a good sleeping pad then zipping up the bag half way and using the upper section like a quilt alleviates the tangle problem for some. Unfortunately any gains in freedom of movement are negated if a bivvy bag is used as if often the case here in Wales. Personally I have some good results with cheap 'Multimat' inflatable pads reducing my turning frequency but have also had reliability issues with leaks.
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    Have a look at some of the carp fishing bags.
    JRC, aqua, trakker all do big envelop style bags.

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    Check out Colman Big Basin bags.

    I've got one and love it for the colder nights I'm out. A ton of room to move around in and it keeps me nice and toasty

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    Get an army surplus arctic bag.super thick mega comfy

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    I definitely want to turn in the bag. Not worried about bivying I've got enough options for that and don't seem to get so twisted up, this is just a bag for car camping. I use a thermarest neoair xtherm for the backpacking but have bought an extra thick, comfy and warm alpkit dozer for the tent. Some good suggestions for me to look at, thanks for taking the time.


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