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Thread: Nordstar Truck Camper is it up to the job?

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    Default Nordstar Truck Camper is it up to the job?

    Hi All,

    Our campervan is getting old and probably won't make it into next year, so we are looking for a replacement...and came across 'Nordstar' campers for pickup trucks and I was wondering does anyone have any experience with their products, are they up to winter camping in Sweden? as I believe they are made there, or are they just toys like most of the European stuff on sale? We are planning to do a huge trip taking in Canada and the USA in the next few years if all works out and would need something up to the job, without breaking the bank!

    Thanks, and I'm open to any other ideas.

    Best Regards,

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    If you're doing an extended trip to Canada & the USA you'd be better off buying a used truck & camper out there. Some of the smaller ones will fit into a Toyota Hi-Lux or Ford Ranger & you'd then only need to ship the camper back & buy a suitable truck in the UK on your return!
    We use truck campers extensively in Canada & the USA & find them excellent. They are more than big enough for our needs, easy to drive, relatively economical & will go anywhere (the only restrictions are from the rental companies). We've camped in Yellowstone in a blizzard in one & were as "snug as bugs in rugs"!

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    I second the previous advice. North America is a big place and some places are remote, even some small towns. You want a reliable vehicle, but you want something that is commonly available in the US and Canada.

    For example, say you blow the waterpump to some totally foreign vehicle while passing through some hick town in rural Montana. You're NOT going to get the part without a lot of hassle, a delivery by FedEx, and a lot of money.

    For a Chevy, Ford, maybe a Toyota, you'll get the part at the local auto parts store either that day or it can be delivered through normal, local supply routes in a day or two for the normal over the counter price. Often you can simply find what you need at a local salvage yard.

    I've seen and met a number of European tourists who've brought their vehicles over here, especially Germans and those Mercedes campers. Some of them are very expensive and very nice vehicles. One interesting thing I have noticed is that no matter how well prepared they are for the trip, unless they've been here touring around before, it doesn't mentally sink in till they get here just how much open room there is here and how long the stretches of driving can be.

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    Thanks...I'm looking at Big Foot, Artic Fox, Snow River truck campers on probably a Ford 2500....nearer the time I'll start looking for something for sale!

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    ive been there, problem is if someone hasnt been there you realy cant explain the scale difference.

    the most scary thing is that within a month you will find it totaly normal to drive 5 hours, drink a cup of something thats supposed to be coffee (sorry mate,americans know crap of coffee) and drive back.

    small bonus is youl pay per gallon what youre used to pay per liter.

    when you do go there make some nice pictures for us


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