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Thread: New on site venue? The Tea Brewer?

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    Default New on site venue? The Tea Brewer?

    Get out there and say it.

    I'd like a place on site a bit like the Naughty Corner that's dry. Somewhere where adults and teenagers can gather round a fire, there's always a kettle on, where wood carving and other sharps and practical skills and tools use and sharing can happen, alongside sharing on all other levels.

    Why? Well, there used to be main shute - but it lacked a heart somehow. The naughty corner is not everyone's cup of tea, but people may still find value in a common social gathering spot in evenings (or at other times of the day).

    I guess it would generate moderate noise, but tearoom volume rather than pub.

    My initial thoughts brought up the below issues to resolve if it were to have a trial run -

    - location - where to site it. Maybe in areas such as main chute or could even be towards the quieter end of the site?

    - sponsorship - it would need a minimum number of persons committing themselves to make it work - hang out there, manage the fire and the kettle, observe safety, oversee its development..... I'd be happy to be a co-sponsor. Anyone else?

    - closing time - up for negotiation

    What do people think?

    Richard, London, UK

    If at first you don't succeed - pause, reflect, change something and try again.

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    Default New on site venue? The Tea Brewer?

    I know there are a good number of folks on site that abstain from caffeinated drinks and alcohol but hot chocolate is certainly popular!

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    Sounds like an excellent idea to me. Could be done at the chute I guess, or maybe inside the fort for a more intimate setting? Wouldn't want to interfere with Dave Budd's stuff of course, and I guess the chute area would have to be left clear for the morning meet which might add to any sponsor's burden. Or maybe the morning meet could be shifted to the area in front of the building?

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    Great idea rich
    shouldn't be beyond the reaches of us to sort something out
    if hot water is supplied rather than tea/ coffee people can bring their own preferred powder if their cup
    I would suggest siting should be somewhere close to a water source!
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    Oh my goodness. Lets not exclude the chocolate drinkers!

    How would a spot that used to be "Scotch corner" work? A little further into the woods. Come to think of it I used to get lost trying to find it a few years ago.

    I suppose I am thinking of setting up camp near the venue and looking to be further from the Naughty Corner I guess.

    Richard, London, UK

    If at first you don't succeed - pause, reflect, change something and try again.

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    Hi Rich, I'm not attending and haven't for a number of years but I think your idea has a lot of value and should be supported!

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    We used to have evenings under the chute behind the fort, it's protected there and noise isn't so much an issue, it might be worth resurrecting it as an evening area?
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    Hi Tone,

    If this idea is to fly (sounds like it might) then I have to make it clear that onsite unfortunately, although I have brought the issue, personally I probably can't take much of an active role this year other than attending (and possibly bringing a couple of teas). That's because I will be attending for the first time as a family and camping probably in the further away areas. Also I won't be arriving till late afternoon on Friday 4th, so won't be beyond setup and eat mode till the Saturday morning. And, we depart on Monday 7th.

    Essential features:

    One or two individuals to arrive on site in the first week with intent to make it work and pull it together
    A significant fire and fuel supply
    Fireplace set up to be easy to put a brew on - small or large - over part of the fire (one end of a long fire?)
    Seating - ? logs brought to the area
    Lights - many creative options here
    A couple of committed individuals to be around/ sociable/ practical on the active sessions.
    Water on tap (from a carrier/ barrel)
    Informal/ welcoming atmosphere


    Some teas/ other beverages
    Signage (creative)
    powdered milk (if you hanker after traditional tea rather than bushcraft teas)
    some basic safety rules

    Interesting possibilities:

    artwork (created on site)
    some cooking/ food prep


    planning for heavy stuff (fuel and seating) to be where it needs to be
    setup of fireplace
    a few people to agree to take a role in making it work


    What needs to be done to get fire etc going, clear up from one session, make it available for other activities in the day, and then get it up and running the next night?


    Anyone got a better name for it than The Tea Brewer?

    Richard, London, UK

    If at first you don't succeed - pause, reflect, change something and try again.

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    The original Scots corner (which was under a chute and had the massive kettle) which I visited did still have a bottle of scotch going round...

    There's often people still under the main chute of an evening being a bit more chilled out anyway.

    The naughty corner itself goes in peaks and troughs. Typically after a noisy night, there's a quiet night (most are burnt out having had only a couple of hours sleep) and there will often be a bit of music and light chatter. You don't need to drink there. Though language isn't moderated I guess.

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    Hi Rich

    I can bring a chute for this and will be onsite early.

    Will have a look into this.


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    Hi George,

    Richard, London, UK

    If at first you don't succeed - pause, reflect, change something and try again.

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    Default Tea Donation

    I've got quite a bit of 'out of date' tea in a cupboard (frankly I don't think tea goes out of date).
    Happy to donate some.
    (I buy it, taller husband hides it in tall cupboard I can't reach, I buy more! &#128514

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    How about we make a range of bushcraft teas available? I've got a jar of sycamore leaf tea that is surprisingly good. I may have a moment to make some bramble tip tea that is my current favourite.

    Bushcraft teas can be made out of many non toxic plants, either dried or fresh leaves mostly. Wide variety of possibilities. Some, like bramble tip, are well known and very palatable. Others may be an acquired taste.
    Richard, London, UK

    If at first you don't succeed - pause, reflect, change something and try again.

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    Will arrive Friday so hope this has been set up, otherwise I will help as much as I can. Will bring the uber-coffee machine of espreso-ey goodness and hand grinder. I shall forage for some extra Sumatran Manedheling beans but if others have a preferred Holy-bean then bring it along.x


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