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Thread: Fenix FD20 Flashlight. uses AA batteries and is zoomable

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    Default Fenix FD20 Flashlight. uses AA batteries and is zoomable

    Disclaimer: I purchased this flashlight and the following video is not monetized.

    I was talking to a friend who was going to Africa for volunteer work. He's not into flashlights and didn't want to take a charger with him, because didn't know if he would have access to electricity. That made me think about the good old AA batteries again. Unfortunately for him, I found this light after he had left.

    I think it's great for the everyday person who needs a versatile general use light. For all you lumen junkies, this isn't the light for you. It only puts out 350 lumens on turbo. But it has a focus/zoom feature that actually produces good usable light. From floodlight to spotlight, the light produces good illumination for different situations.

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    An interesting review. I bought one yesterday to take camping next week. It seems well made and looks to be very useful.


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