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Thread: Any Gun Dog Trainers - Help?

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    Default Any Gun Dog Trainers - Help?

    Not sure what section this really belongs in but someone can move it if there's a more suitable one!

    I know this isn't particularly a doggy forum, but generally people that are into bushcraft are outdoorsy active folks so i'm sure there must be someone suitable on here!

    Are any of you lovely people Gun Dog Trainers? Ideally Spaniels but I'm not fussy as I'm sure the same principles apply. Even better if you're near by!

    I'd quite like to pick your brains about a few things I have lots of questions so if you're interested in helping you'll have to be patient with me please

    I don't mean to sound like a D!ck but I'm not just looking for someone who owns a spaniel and it's well behaved, I'm particularly looking for someone with, field experience running gun dogs, and ideally someone who has been doing it for a good few years. I'm looking to start

    If you fit the bill, please get in touch! What dog(s) do you own/how long have you been working them?

    Thank you very much in advance for anyone who's willing to help answer all my questions.

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    Theres a guy at Blackpool Air Rifles who has gun dogs, he uses Dalmatians. I have two Dal's so we talked at length about it. Nice chap, if you use BAR, ask for the guy with the Dals, I'm sure he will have a good chat.

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    Try doing a seasons peasant beating at a local estate...put a bit of work in and you'll make more connections than you know what to do with
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    the kennel club has a list of gundog clubs IIRC
    you could try BASC too or NOBS for local clubs
    I went to one close to me when first learning to handle my lab (now sadly gone to the big kennel in the sky) and it was invaluable.
    not just from the direct teaching but also seeing what others were doing that worked and what didn't

    Best of luck
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    far from a trainer mate but I do beat with mine and have taught them a fair amount of commands.

    If I can help let me know. I have 2 spanners on their 3rd season

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    Having had labs for years working them, I now have a spaniel, nutty as a fruit cake! There is a saying Labradors are born half trained, spaniels die half trained and they aren't that far till you have worn out a pair of wellies on the backside!!!!!!

    Good luck with the training, difficult to give advice, I would say contact BASC and speak to them about a gun dog club near by and join them, usually a wealth of knowledge to help wrinkle any issues out and a good way to make friends in the shooting community, such as going beating.. There are few shoots I know of would let an unknown dog and handler on a shoot without vetting them, too much money tied up in them, especially a commercial one..
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    I had a Springer Spaniel which I worked as a specialist search dog for a couple of years and then succesfully as a gun dog. I'll try and help if I can.

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