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Thread: Where to buy a US Modular sleep system?

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    Default Where to buy a US Modular sleep system?

    These look great. I'm looking to buy one but I can't find any where in the uk that's selling them. They're all in the U.S at surplus stores.
    Can anybody recommend a U.S surplus store or point me in the right direction?
    And yes there's one on eBay in the uk but it's a fake not a tennier industries.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    PM sent re MSS.
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    Just make sure you have the pack size to carry it.

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    Have you try amazon?

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    I currently use this. As previously stated, the full thing is rather bulky even fully compressed. I have yet to need both bags as the black bag alone is incredibly warm. I was in it at -9oC and still very comfortable. The green bag is very compact and wearing clothes inside it will easily keep you comfortable down to near 0oC. Apparently both combined allow "survival" down to -20. Thankfuly even Scottish winters don't often hit that!

    In all honesty if u can afford it get a carinthia defence bag instead. A 3 season one with a liner for winter. More compact too.

    The bivy bag is nice too. Tent to use under a tarp but it breathes well.

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    The Carinthia sleeping bags are warmer and much easier to get hold of, although I do use mine with a US MSS GoreTex bivi
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    One for sale on here at the min.

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    I probably would have got the carinthia but I've only just found out about them. I didn't know I had anymore replies until now. I love my MMS though. Only used the patrol and bivy bag so far and they're very good. I slept like a baby paired with a multimat34 summit SI.. Your right it is huge. It fills at least 3/4 of my 70+10 berghaus Bergen so I'll have to improvise and have it on the outside some how.
    I also found a two inch split on the bivy bag so I told the seller and he said he'll send me a new one. I'm still waiting for that.


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