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Thread: 06 Suzuki Jimny alternator belt tensioner.

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    Default 06 Suzuki Jimny alternator belt tensioner.

    I am now aware how to adjust the tension of the belt using what would appear to be black magic. Anyway. Does anyone have any idea what size hex wrench fits in the front of the tension pulley, and the size socket for the locking nut just next to it so I can order them in.

    Iv been to the garage 3 times in a year over the alternator belt loosening and it always does it at the most annoying times. Usually as I leave for work!

    Can't find any details at all about te size of hex wrench / socket for it. Being behind the radiator it's not easy to measure either.

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    Best bet is to contact your local suzuki dealership. I'm sure their mechanics will be able to tell you the exact size.

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    Tried the Jimny foums? There are a few.......heres a UK one-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janne View Post
    Any luck?
    And do not forget to get some semi permanent Threadlock.
    Sorted mate ye. Long and short of it, it wasn't the tension. 5 alternators from various suppliers all died (during it's time in the garage not on me thankfuly). Turned out to be an instrument panel wiring fault causing major

    350 quid for a new instrument panel or an electrician to bypass the issue and fit a tiny warning LED on my dash for 40 quid.

    Ye. So 40 quid later and 2 weeks in a garage finding the issue. SORted! Thank god it's a small family garage who I'm friendly with. Would be about 4 grand in labour.


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