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Thread: Best / Favourite UK Legal Pocket Knife..

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenThis View Post
    After a lot of research I've plumbed for the Viper Dan 2 in silver twill.

    I liked the look of a lot of the UK legal penknives named and shown but this ticked all my boxes.
    I don't know huge amounts about knives so this is probably way overpriced for what it is, but I really like it.
    I just hope it feels good in my monster mits.
    I think you'll like it. You've got a great steel in a very stylish package.
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    Cheers, I'm really looking forward to playing with it.

    It's probably not going to ever do any bushcraft or hard graft, but as a discreet EDC pocket knife it look's perfect for me.
    Especially the blade shape, much less agressive looking in my eyes than the excellent spydercos.
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    Another original UKPK fan here. I have lots of other EDC types i have tried over the years with the last being the lovely TBS boar. Great knife and it has its place but just too heavy bulky in the pocket.
    Others like the Bokers too sheeple scary.

    Although i rarely carry a penknife these days, instead its a Juice. Just cannot see the point of carrying both.

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