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Thread: Heads Up - Cheaper 'Breathable' Garment Soap

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    Default Heads Up - Cheaper 'Breathable' Garment Soap

    Aye Up,

    Not sure if this has been picked up already within the community, it's a new one to me.

    I've already been using the Liquid Soap Flakes (on the left) on other items of clothing for some time now and with good results but had to pay through the nose for another (quite expensive) brand of 'breathable' garment soap.

    My better half spotted the stuff on the right whilst out shopping the other day at Waitrose (no connection - although I should own them by now! )

    I think that she said that it was about three quid a bottle.

    Waitrose Soap.jpg
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    Looks good, i buy tesco value / smartprice etc.. soap and dissolve in some boiling water to make a liquid soap. Costs about 40p with a bit of time.

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