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Thread: BushMoot 2017 - July 31st - August 12th

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    If you have never been to a Moot, you should come, don't over analyse While you can "come in through the back door", it doesn't gain you all that much and will involve trespass or fence climbing and bushwhacking. There aren't many places to cross the rivers, so you will be coming down the Merthyrmawr Road anyway. Ewenny isn't far away and I am sure someone could give you a lift, it would be much less to ask than for them to do a run all the way to the train station (although people do get picked up from there too, most years). Main problem is that historically there is little or no phone reception on the campsite, so you can't count on giving someone a call when you are ready for pick up. Maybe this will have improved this year, at least O2 thinks it has good cover there but who knows.

    Have you looked at the Bridgend 303 bus that goes to Ogmore? This is a stop, and is as close as you can get to the camp on public transport. Google coordinates: 51.481449, -3.605373, from which you cross the Ewenny River, and walk North West to cross the River Ogmore by another foot bridge and on to the Merthyrmawr road.

    New In Road from Ewenny to the turning down Merthyrmawr road isn't suitable for walking really, no footpath and the traffic can be fast.

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    Copied from Ahnjos thread.

    There is a cab office within 100 metres of Bridgend station. Alternatively, try:
    Allwhite Taxis: 01656 660155
    Cresta Cabs: 01656 767571
    Radio Cars: 01656 655766
    K Cabs: 01656 655233

    Please note, due to the lack of mobile phone reception (and lack of payphone or landline) and in case you need a taxi back to the station at the end of the BushMoot, remember to book it in advance.

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    Boring walk but easy going. Walking not Car as uses pelican crossing.
    Can get the bus but it will drop you off still a good way away and you have to cross a field which can be very boggy if there has been rain in the last few days.
    Just over 3 miles.

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    Cancel that message. Subject is covered
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    car cleaned out & packed(ish) yesterday - not arriving until Thursday, but working lates today and tomorrow, and didn't want a massive rush Wednesday evening.

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    hi,, I have looked at the Ogmore Castle route, which goes over stepping stones .... but very unsure when they will be covered by water. At my ETA it will be about low tide + 2hrs (5m)

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