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Thread: BcUK Photograph of 2015 Competition

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    Default BcUK Photograph of 2015 Competition

    I know that the competition for 2014 hasn't quite finished yet but I'm putting up the details for next years competition as there's an extra month and a slight change in the rules.

    As in the previous 2 years the 2015 competition is going to follow the same format with monthly themes and the winner of each month will go forward to a final vote in December to decide the members favourite picture for 2015.

    With regards to prizes for this year I'm pleased to say that Tony has again kindly offered to award a small prize for each of the monthly heat winners and a prize of a T-shirt and a years free full membership for the overall winner

    Also, each months heat winner picture will be used as the cover photograph for the BCUK Facebook page.

    In addition to the main competition prize there will also be a special prize donated by myself which will be awarded to the person who takes my personal favourite picture entered in the 2015 competition.

    Please note that the purpose of this thread is to give people a heads up of the competition. Please DO NOT post any pictures in this thread. There will be a specific thread for entries posted on the first of each month.

    The themes for this years competition are as follows:

    1. January - Photographers choice
    2. February - Looking Through
    3. March - Clouds up high
    4. April - Urban Nature
    5. May - One Misty Day
    6. June - As the sun sets...
    7. July - Green green hills
    8. August - Up Close - Waterdrops
    9. September - Down on the Farm
    10. October - Camp Life
    11. November - Autumn Colours
    12. Bushmoot - At Play

    There is no competition for December as the voting for both Novemberís picture as well as the overall winner will be taking place then.

    If you're unsure of the meaning of a particular theme please do ask as I'm more than happy to expand upon them

    Here's the rules for this years competition, There's been a couple changes so please make sure you're aware of what's allowed and what's not:

    1. The photograph must have been taken in either 2014 or 2015.
    2. Photographs that have been entered in the 2014 competition are not permitted to be entered in 2015
    3. All entries must have been taken by the person submitting it into the competition.
    4. In the event of a member being permanently banned from the forum whilst the competition is taking place all of their entries will be removed from the competition. Should they have won a monthly theme then the entry in second place will be put forward to the final vote in December
    5. Members may enter only one photograph per month. However you may change your entry once. If you wish to do this then you must state that your previous entry is being withdrawn.
    6. All entries must be posted in the appropriate thread.
    7. Private entries by PM will not be accepted.
    8. The closing date is 23.59 on the last day of each month
    9. Entries must be based on the theme for that month.
    10. The organiser has the right to bar an entry if they feel it doesn't relate to the theme.
    11. Digital adjustments.The integrity of the subject must be maintained and the making of physical changes to the landscape is not permitted. You may not, for example, remove fences, move trees or strip in the sky from another image. Minor adjustments to levels and curves and cropping of the image are allowed. The organiser may request the RAW file or original camera jpeg for any image. The organiser reserves the right to disqualify any image that they feel lacks authenticity due to over-manipulation. Stitched panoramas are allowed in all categories.
      (Digital Manipulation rule borrowed from Landscape Photographer of the Year 2013)
    12. If youíre unsure then PM the organiser with the photograph for advice before posting it.
    13. Winners will be decided by popular vote via a public poll. If there are more entries in a particular months theme than the forum system allows for a poll (max of 20 items) then as many extra poll threads as needed will be created to accommodate the entries for that month. The winner of each poll thread will then go forward to a separate poll to decide the overall winner of that month.
    14. If there is only one poll due to the number of entries and the result is tied at the end of voting then all tying pictures will go forward into a new poll to decide the overall winner.
    15. The time period for voting will be one week.
    16. The winner of each months competition will go into a poll at the end of the year decide the overall members favourite photograph
    17. The organiser has the right to add to or refine the competition rules as they see fit
    18. The organiser has the final say in any dispute

    Please note that this competition is being run with the full approval of Tony
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    Quick question. Is HDRI permitted as a digital adjustment? Increasing dynamic range through combining different exposures of the same view?

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    Hi Mesquite,

    I am new to BcUK. Will make introductions shortly. Very excited about this photo comp! How do I go about submitting a photo entry? (I believe I have limited permissions for the time being due to my new status. Not sure that will affect my ability to submit photo entry or not.) Thank you!

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    Just to say that the theme for October as decided by Brancho who was last years winner will be Camp Life


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