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Who can Sell on Bushcraft UK

We have strict rules on selling and commercial activities on Bushcraft UK, please make sure that you have the right subscription needed to sell the items you want to sell.

New Members & Regular members
Cannot sell, promote their business or participate in promoting someone else's business on Bushcraft UK

Full Members: Full Members can sell their own personal items in the Classifieds and put up 'Wanted' notices.

Makers Makers have the same rights as Full Members and they can sell items they have made as a hobby in the Makers forum.

Maker + (Plus) Makers Plus have the same rights as Full Members and they can also sell items they have personally made but as a profit making commercial endeavour, they can also promote a bespoke service, have a website they link to etc.

Trader Traders can sell as a commercial entity in the traders forum, they can sell items they buy for resale as well as manufacture etc. This is the only site subscription that allows items to be sold that are not personal items or items made by the member.

Difference between a Maker and a Maker Plus Subscription

The way it's set up is that the straight Maker subs are for those making hobby stuff, they make a few bits and to finance that they sell some on, it's just a few items a month, couple a week generally, they make it, put it up for sale and that's it.

The Maker + tends to be a more commercial sub as it allows links to a website or such in the signature, you could take commissions, put up more products for sale etc and there's more of a focus on making stuff for sale rather than to pursue a hobby.

Hope that helps

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