Bushcraft UK : FAQ

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New Members Account limitations

New members who join BCUK, are restricted in the use of forum facilities. It's nothing personal because you're new - but all to do with spam prevention. Your first posts are moderated so there will be a delay between you posting and being able to see your posts, please be patient.

As a new member, you:
1. Can view the forums
2. Can read thread content
3. Can view others' threads
4. Can see thumbnails
5. Can search the forums by using the search function
6. Can post new threads
7. Can reply to threads (see below, under #8)
8. See the calendar
9. Can only send 1 PM at a time
10. You have a Private Message limit (storage) of 10

Though you can not
1. Use Email to Friend function
2. Download Attachments
3. See Deletion Notices
4. Edit your posts
5. Upload any pictures
6. Use signatures in your sig line
7. Post visitors messages
8. Reply to any threads in the classifieds, swaps & group buys
9. Start a thread in the Traders area

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