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Start as I mean to go on.

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2014. I've promised myself, after an incredibly busy 2013 to get out more this year. At least once a month if possible. Family commitments had taken priority last year, but are now easing up and my daughter is now at an age where she can accompany me on some of my shorter bimbles. I can't wait to get her out. Far to often is she stuck in front of the TV or with an iPad in hand instead of finding out what amazing things lie beyond the four walls.

I started out last week with a short wander round High Force and Gibson's cave in Teesdale, just off the pennine way. Hardly an epic adventure but good for the soul non the less. I hadn't been there before despite only living an hours drive away. I was taken aback by the sheer beauty of the place, the powerful falls and crystal clear water.

After a couple of hours I made my way home, the short excursion having served it's purpose of inspiring me to get out and about more this year.

This blog will be my record of my outings this year.

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  1. greensurfingbear's Avatar
    Mick, That was my resolution last year. I managed it, I went out hill walking, cycling or kayaking at least once a month. I was well worth it. Best of luck with your endeavour.