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Looking forward to getting a Frontier Stove in for review

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Tomorrow should see me with a Frontier Stove to play with. We'll be bringing it to the Moot as well so you can all have a look and see what you think of it.

I think we'll get it straight into use tomorrow night with a camp out under the tarp

Thanks to Camping Solutions for sending it through so quickly

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Updated 19-07-2011 at 17:08 by Tony

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  1. Seoras's Avatar
    I should have mine at the Moot as well Tony.

    Will be testing out the Flue baffle I made to go through the top of the tipi.

  2. Tony's Avatar
    Cool, have you used it much already?
  3. drewdunnrespect's Avatar
    cool i wouldnt mind a look cos i might get one so as to put it in the bell tent if thats all right tony
  4. Seoras's Avatar
    My stove is in the garden roaring away while I test the Mk3 flue baffle for the tipi hole.
  5. suenosch's Avatar
    Excellent. Jane & I have a Tentipi stove which works well but is quite a handful to transport. I carry it in its box on my back. It would be really interesting to see this in use.
  6. leon-1's Avatar
    Tone their website is more than a little sketchy on a number of things, like weight and dimensions. Any chance of placing those up here for people to see. I also saw their Nomad Stove which to me looks like a number 12 burner.
  7. Bucephalas's Avatar
    I want one!

    leon-1, there's a pdf on the site with those details on.
  8. greensurfingbear's Avatar
    I've been looking at the frontier stove for my Bell Tent..... anyone done areview of it yet??
  9. gabrielsdad's Avatar
    do you think you could buy/ easily make an extra section of flue to get outside a tipi? thats an ideal size to ship about
  10. midge_fodder's Avatar
    I've been looking at those for a while now, I'll be interested to hear your thoughts.