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    Published on 03-06-2005 14:53

    Suitable outdoor clothing
    The instructors all indicated a preference for wool. It is warm when wet, does not ...
    Published on 03-06-2005 14:49

    The setting sun hung two fingers high by the time the hunters finally reached their village. It had been many days since Makua's people had last tasted fresh meat and the young pig that fell to his arrow would be a welcomed treat. According to their custom, the ...
    Published on 03-06-2005 14:12

    Nettles aren’t just there for you to get stung by and avoid, they’re nutritious and tasty when prepared in the right way, read on to get you started on the road to some different greens in your diet.

    Nettle Soup.


    One Onion chopped fine.
    One or Two Potatoes peeled and ...
    Published on 03-06-2005 14:07

    All Thai'd Up? - Making a hammock

    Neil Andrews ...
    Published on 15-06-2004 06:39
    Article Preview

    Originally published 2004
    When given this task of reviewing Jonny Crocketts' survival weekend course, I was understandably apprehensive. Although I love being outdoors and camping, bushcraft seems a bit too extreme to me. I still like to have some comforts about me. I don't think I actually ...

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