• Ultimate Survival Technologies: Trail Tweezers

    By John Fenna

    With the increased number of ticks around, and the inevitable splinters or thorns we can pick up in the outdoors, some sort of removal tool is an essential bit of First Aid or “possibles pouch” kit.

    The UST Trail Tweezers are a sturdy pair of tweezers some 9.5cm x 1.3cm x 1.3cm in size and weighing just 23g or so, and feature wide rubber finger pads for easy grip, and angled ends.

    They also feature an LED light in the middle of the tweezers to help you see what it is you are trying to get hold of. This light has a simple on/off button and can be removed from the tweezers for other use if need be.

    Using three LR41 batteries (supplied) and costing around £4.95, the UST Trail Tweezers are simple and effective.

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    1. anvik's Avatar
      anvik -
      Great looking stuff, but why do I need to remove LED ticks as per the packaging?
    1. Dave Budd's Avatar
      Dave Budd -
      They have a light. That's a good idea, but how good are the tweezers?

      I get splinters on a near daily basis, be them wood, thorn or metal. I've tried lots of different tweezer and so far the best have been the lockable variety that are used in surgery and available from medical suppliers. The main reason I prefer those is that they have a fine point that allows me to get at anything sticking out of my skin as well as a little below if needs be.
    1. John Fenna's Avatar
      John Fenna -
      The tweezers are as good as many I have tried ..perhaps not up to surgical standards!
    1. Robson Valley's Avatar
      Robson Valley -
      Can you measure/describe the shape(?) of the tweezer tips? How fine do they appear to be?
      Western Red Cedar slivers are fairly infective and skin-colored. Need finding/removal ASAP.
      The LED is a good design for my old eyes.
    1. Jaeger's Avatar
      Jaeger -
      Lymes Emitting Deadly Ticks - thought you would be well aware of those anvik!

      On a serious note I've had a set of those in a few of my FAKs for several years and they have come in handy on a number of occasions - not for tick/splinter removal but things like replacing the small screw in the arm of someones glasses and fishing a wrongly inserted TF card out of a camera.

      Bush-craft C&E - multi-use/function is the order of the day!
    1. TarHeelBrit's Avatar
      TarHeelBrit -
      They don't look too bad especially the light on them. They might come in handy for my wife in her Jewellery making. I've been using Uncle Bill's Silver Grippers for years now. Small, compact and with a precision point. 100% better than the ones in my SAK or LM.

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    1. mrcharly's Avatar
      mrcharly -
      I thought that using tweezers for removing ticks was frowned upon? Squeezes out the stomach contents of the ticks, increasing the risk of transferring disease into you?
    1. Jaeger's Avatar
      Jaeger -
      Aye Up

      mrcharly - you are quite correct - if the tweezers are use incorrectly - i.e. pulling on the body of the tick. The trick is to sneak the tips of the tweezers beneath the body and around the head and 'jaws' and then rotate the tweezers so that you effectively 'screw' the so and so out avoiding squashing the blighters.
      But sometimes, if they have already burrowed in that is easier said than done.

      Although I still carry tweezers in my FAK I've taken to using either the Tom o' Tick twister tool or the similar styled credit card tick twister.
      I've only used these a couple of times (on colleagues not myself) and they work fine.

      All that stated - prevention is better than cure - during tick season - blouse trouser bottoms; wear long sleeves; wear wide brimmed hat; treat clothing/equipment with permethrine.
    1. Barn's Avatar
      Barn -
      Yes you are correct. Dedicated tweezers for removing ticks have a greater angle inwards at the ends of the tweezers so they remove the whole tick and not just the body.