• Fenix:CL05 "Liplight" Mini Lantern

    By John Fenna

    I am guessing that the Fenix CLO5 “Liplight” got its name from the fact that it looks something like a lipstick…

    Measuring approx 7.25cm x 1.8cm diam and weighing about 13gm without its single AAA battery, this little light comes with a heavyweight performance. Built into its diminutive body are 7 different output functions for lighting and signalling and all have good run times and output from a single battery.

    The default setting which always comes on first when you switch the “Liplight” on is “Moonlight” which gives 0.8 lumens and will last approx 40 hours, then a simple twist back and forth of the clear casing cycles the light to “High” - 8 lumens and up to 4 hours burn time. Cycle again and you get Red – 2 lumens of up to 11 hours use, Red Flash of 2 lumens and 22 hours duration, Green, 5 lumens of 10.5 hours maximum duration, Green Flash, 5 lumens of 21 hours and, finally, a White SOS signal of 8 lumens.

    Actual “burn times” if you mix and match functions will, naturally enough, vary affecting how long a battery lasts. The maximum beam distance of the Liplight is approx 3.4 metres, the light is waterproof to 2 metres and impact resistant to 1 metre.

    The CLO5 Liplight comes with one AAA battery, a spare O-ring and a key chain, and is available in Blue or Purple.

    I have found the Liplight ideal as a “mini lantern” under my tarp, as a position marker (so I do not miss my pitch in the woods after a midnight stroll…) and as a torch for short strolls. The clip allows it to be attached to the inside loops of my tarp or other spot where general illumination is wanted, and the light is ample for bedtime reading. Neither the Red or Green lights seem to affect my night vision and, in emergencies, I am sure that the various flashing modes will prove very useful. Everyone who has seen my test sample Liplight has been very impressed.

    The only disappointment with the light has been in the colour choice – Blue or Purple. I would much prefer a simple black or high vis orange.

    The Fenix CLO5 “Liplight” is light, compact, versatile, efficient and (despite its colour) will certainly be a part of my essential bushcrafting kit.

    Costing only around £18.50, the Fenix CLO5 “Liplight” is, I think, going to be much appreciated by many bushcrafters.

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    1. Wayland's Avatar
      Wayland -
      I'm surprised you didn't go for the pink, sorry, "purple" one John.
    1. Mesquite's Avatar
      Mesquite -
      Quote Originally Posted by Wayland View Post
      I'm surprised you didn't go for the pink, sorry, "purple" one John.
      Sadly Fenix didn't have any spare when they were giving him trial samples
    1. Paulm's Avatar
      Paulm -
      I've been using one for the last year or so, exactly the same kind of usage, on a hammock ridge line, or under a tarp, perfect for that, and quite handy at home too for nocturnal forays without waking up the family or the dog !

      Need to ensure you give the piston drive switch an extra twist when turning off and leaving for a while though, as the battery in mine went completely flat when left in a bag for a few weeks, I think because although it was off, it must have not been as fully off as needed and pressure on it in the bag may have re-engaged the piston switch.

      Agree on the colour choice being awful too !
    1. mrcharly's Avatar
      mrcharly -
      That looks great. Really nice to see that a torch manufacturer has realised that there is a need for a high-quality non-super-bright torch.