• New Mountain Rescue video made to raise awareness

    Every minute of every hour, every hour of every day, every day of every week, every week of every month, and every month of every year, there are people that are ready, people who are willing to leave their families, their jobs, and their personal safety behind at a moments notice. This is the caption put to the new 6 minute film produced and co-directed by Dave Freeborn to raise awareness of the fantastic work the Mountain Rescue teams carry out every day.

    The film can be seen here

    The video was filmed using real volunteers from the MREW and was shot at a dozen different locations from around England and Wales. The film starts to show the affects on the lives of the volunteers and their families as well as outlining some of the many possible scenarios that they get called to.

    For more information click on this link.
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    1. Macaroon's Avatar
      Macaroon -
      I've never had to call on their help, but I thank my lucky stars that I live in a place where such men and women do such things for others. They deserve everybody's support and gratitude, without a doubt.
    1. bigbear's Avatar
      bigbear -
      They are all heroes, when I have been involved in incidents I have always been so relieved to see them arrive and humbled by the professionalism that amateur volunteers bring to a life saving role.
    1. Robson Valley's Avatar
      Robson Valley -
      It's double dedication to train, over and over again, possibly for a scenario which will never happen.
      But when the chips are down, they are so reliably well trained and equipped.
      Here, they attend to such ugly tragedy, so often avalanche deaths.
    1. Robson Valley's Avatar
      Robson Valley -
      Carson Air Cargo Flight #66 from Vancouver to Prince George (YVR>YXS) went into the dirt maybe 7:10AM today, approx 10 km NE of YVR.
      Vancouver North Shore Search & Rescue team on the ground at the site for the night. North Shore SAR are as rough, tough and as good as it gets.
      Very slow going in the terrain, fuselage and one wing found before dark today.
      Less than 3% of British Columbia is flat. Flying into a Cumulogranitus Cloud is easily done.