• ECP Medic course Sept 2012

    ECP Medic course Sept 2012
    By Mark Aspell

    I travelled down to a farm location just outside Guildford with a feeling of excited trepidation. This is a course Iíve wanted to do for some time but was unable to attend last year.

    Itís the Lifesigns Group ECP Medic course

    So what is ECP?

    Well the Expedition Care Program (ECP) is a modular program developed to meet the medical needs of travellers. The most basic course is a one day HSE recognised course that exceeds the Emergency First Aid at Work criteria. The 5th and most advanced course is the ECP Medic course which is designed for doctors, nurses, expedition leaders and others with some medical knowledge wanting to build on it. Donít let that put you off, if you have a first aid at work certificate you would just about be OK although a little more advanced knowledge would help enormously.

    The course I attended is the ECP Medic course and therefore assumes some first aid/ medical knowledge and there are conditions of attendance, although you donít need to be a qualified surgeon to attend.

    I was one of six on this course: my fellow students consisted of a GP, fireman, outdoor supplies distributor, expedition guide and a potential medical student.

    The two day course itself was mainly practical/hands on Ė with the occasional nod to a PowerPoint slide. Our instructor, Andy, was well qualified to teach the subject and he taught with a relaxed manner. He was also happy to repeat anything which we were unsure of and it was a very relaxed training forum.

    The content of the ECP Medic Course covered subjects such as preparing for an expedition, attitude while on expedition, primary and secondary checks of casualties, chest wounds, collapsed lung treatment, injections and setting up a saline drip including inserting a cannula, securing airways and many more.

    In summary, I really rate this course. The instructor was great. The topics covered relate to the sort of situations that could be encountered whilst on expedition. The cost of £200 for a 2 day course is reasonable (this doesnít include accommodation). Beware though, youíll come away with a long list of Gucci kit you simply MUST have! Now where did I put that Christmas listÖ

    Details of the course are available at