• Brynje Antarctic Jacket

    Review by Johan

    In May 2010 I received this jacket from, a German mailorder website for all sorts of military and outdoor kit. I was looking for something warm, that I could wear under my smock when out and about.

    As this jacket is made of wool, and Iím planning to go down the wool layering route regarding thermals, etc. I thought this jacket should fit the bill.

    This jacket is an outdoor and all-round jacket in the best Merino wool, with a Polypropylene Mesh lining. It has a Proline wind-stopper in the front, two chest pockets and a drawstring at the bottom with stoppers at each side.
    • Fabric: Merino Wool with synthetic mix. Polypropylene Mesh lining.
    • Wash: 40įC / No Tumble dry.
    • Use: All year, for expeditions and work.
    • Size: Charcoal, Kaktus Green, Black XXS-3XL, Jeans Blue XS-XXL
    • Available with or without hood.
    From the moment I received it, Ďtill the moment Iím writing this Iíve worn this jacket almost non-stop. I wear it in the field under my smock, with or without some light thermals, on it's own it on a warmer day like a nice spring day with a T-shirt, or just in the house when I feel like doing nothing special and just hang around. As I have the black version of this jacket itís also not out of place in and around a big city, either over a shirt and / or under a bodywarmer. I donít stick out as I would if I wore something green and / or military like kit. I find it ideal when travelling as it can be used both in the field and around Ďthem non-bushcrafty folkí.

    The windstopper does work, but only if the wind isnít blowing you from your socks as the arms and sides donít have this.

    Sizing is excellent. Iím normally a Large, so I ordered one in this size, though I was fearing the obvious for someone who has long arms. Upon arrival the jacket was a perfect fit, including the arms. The jacket is reasonably snug but loose enough to wear a T-shirt, shirt and light jumper underneath.

    Itís available with or without a hood. At the time I bought my jacket I wasnít aware of the one with a hood. If I was, I would have bought that one, as itíd be a bit warmer.

    You can zip up all the way, making the collar into some sort of a turtle neck. Personally I find this uncomfortable since the zip tends to curl or bend a bit and create some pressure on my throat, but it prevents losing body warmth to a degree.
    The chest-pockets donít get much use. Sometimes I put my phone in it, or papers (passport) that I need often whilst traveling. They do take a USAF Pilot flask, to give you some idea of their size.

    I canít remember if Iíve washed it, which makes it sounds a bit disgusting, given that Iíve worn it for most of the almost two years that I've owned it, but it doesnít smell. It did sometimes when I wore it near a fire or while I was cooking, but 1-2 days later the smell was gone.

    Brynje is also known for their thermal (mesh) underwear, you can find more info about their products on:

    Conclusion: Having had the jacket, it would take a lot to persuade me to part company with it, perhaps one with a hood. Would I buy another? Absolutely! with the hood of course.
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    1. Shewie's Avatar
      Shewie -
      That's a great looking piece of kit Johan, I might have another look at these as we go into winter
    1. Ahjno's Avatar
      Ahjno -
      Thanks Rich! I'm planning to wear it at the Moot, so if you're around we can have a chat.

      I just noticed the picture with this review differs from the jacket I reviewed: mine doesn't has handwarmer pockets, just the 2 on the chest.
    1. NordicWelsh's Avatar
      NordicWelsh -
      Johan. Just to let you know that Brynje is available in the UK. I don't want to mention our name and break the forum rules, but we are the UK importers for Brynje. Also, the hooded Jacket is fully wind-proof and a little warmer than the one you have. Also, we are adding hand warmer pockets to the version you have which will come out in the Autumn. Get in touch in in need any more info. Cheers
    1. stafass's Avatar
      stafass -
      I wonder, how much is for this item
    1. midge_fodder's Avatar
      midge_fodder -
      Long arms did you say? That's good to note. Being a tall and some what leggy with long arms it's difficult to find anything that fits well, just don't get me started on the Trousers rant.
    1. Gonzo's Avatar
      Gonzo -
      Quote Originally Posted by midge_fodder View Post
      Long arms did you say? That's good to note. Being a tall and some what leggy with long arms it's difficult to find anything that fits well, just don't get me started on the Trousers rant.
      Completely with you on the long limbs. Being 6'4" it's frustrating when sleeves/trousers stop and inch or two short. Very happy when I found out about Fjšllršven trousers with their raw leg length. If only their shirts had really long arms too! I find myself looking out for thumb holes as an indicator that sleeves might be a bit longer.
    1. midge_fodder's Avatar
      midge_fodder -
      I here you there I'm 6'4" too, I just had the hassle of buying new waders...... I really don't want to repeat that in a hurry.