• Experiments on Knife Sharpening

    PDF - Experiments on Knife Sharpening 7.8mb

    John D. Verhoeven
    Emeritus Professor
    Department of Materials Science and Engineering
    Iowa State University
    Ames, IA
    September 2004

    page 2 [1] Introduction
    page 8 [2] Experiments with Tru Hone knife sharpening machine
    page 12 [3] Experiments with steels
    page 18 [4] Hand Sharpening with flat stones and leather strops
    page 25 [5] Experiments with the Tormek machine
    page 32 [6] Buffing wheel experiments
    page 37 [7] Experiments with carbon steels
    page 40 [8] Experiments with diamond polishing compound
    page 43 [9] Summary and Conclusions
    page 46 References
    page 47 Appendix 1 Edge angle measurements with a laser pointer
    page 48 Appendix 2 The Tormek sharpening machine
    page 53 Appendix 3 The Tru Hone sharpening machine

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      teknohippy -
      The conclusion appears to be: Strop!
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