• Richard graves - The 10 Bushcraft Books

    PDF of “The Ten Bushcraft Books” by Richard H. Graves

    Richard Harry Graves, the author, was born in 1898 in Waterford County, Ireland. Richard Graves died in 1971 in Sydney, Australia. He authored numerous books and is a former Commanding Officer of the Australian Jungle Survival & Rescue Detachment.

    “The Ten Bushcraft Books” by Richard H. Graves contained in this PDF are:

    Book 1. - Ropes & Cords

    Book 2. - Huts & Thatching

    Book 3. - Campcraft

    Book 4. - Food & Water

    Book 5. - Firemaking

    Book 6. - Knots & Lashings

    Book 7. - Tracks & Lures

    Book 8. - Snares & Traps

    Book 9. - Travel & Gear

    Book 10. - Time & Direction
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