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    Published on 14-05-2010 12:59
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    Photo Tutorial - Making a Leather Water Bottle
    By Eric Methven
    Here's a full photo tutorial for making a waxed leather drinking flask.
    There is more than one way to make one, but this is one of the ways I do my commercial ones.
    Published on 30-06-2007 09:24

    Jon R shows us how to make a Beech Bark Container

    I have never worked with Beech bark until now, and I'm sure most of you haven't either. Have I made a new discovery!? I was walking through the woods a few days ago and saw a fallen branch from a Beech Tree. It had been there some time and had dried out. The bark had come away from the wood in curved sheets:

    The bark is strong like board

    You can cut ...
    Published on 02-04-2007 15:57

    Oven Jerky

    Simply defined, jerky is raw meat that has been dried slowly to reduce moisture. The result is a good tasting lightweight food that is well-preserved ...
    Published on 09-10-2005 15:42

    In this article Patrick McGlinchey guides us through making a glue stick.

    There are a few ways of producing a glue stick, this is but one. There are also other ingredients you can use to make the pitch. Experiment yourselves it's good fun.
    Published on 06-10-2005 15:08


    Atlatl weights, both known and suspected, are a fascinating and frustrating subject. Based solely on the misinterpretation and lack of understanding surrounding them, and their occurrence in the archaeological record, debate and confusion as to their purpose has set them apart from most other artifacts.

    There are a variety of atlatl weight types and suspected types found, interestingly enough, mainly in the United States. Their distribution seems to be contained within the forty-eight states with a little overlap ...
    Published on 03-06-2005 15:48

    Effects of Stone Projectile Points as a Mass Within the Atlatl-And-Dart
    Mechanical System and its Relationship
    to the Bow-And-Arrow

    Stone projectile points represent the single most durable artefact occurring in the archaeological record. An enormous amount of research and speculation have gone into their interpretation. Materials and knapping techniques have been studied, point styles have been typed, categorized, and dated, and volumes of ...
    Published on 03-06-2005 14:07

    All Thai'd Up? - Making a hammock

    Neil Andrews ...

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