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    Published on 04-03-2014 11:17
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    By Geoffrey Guy

    Trapping and the Law

    Many of us who practice bushcraft are interested by primitive trapping, but can this mean we fall foul of the law?

    To my mind one of the most telling tests of someone’s bushraft ability is whether they can consistently provide food for themselves in the wilderness. A significant part of that ability is going to be knowledge of effective methods of taking birds, mammals and fish as food. ...
    Published on 23-07-2012 16:00
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    by Kevin Callan
    No one seems to want to want to talk about this, but a poop properly disposed of behind camp can make or break the group dynamics during any trip. To start, before the spot is chosen and the trousers are dropped, a proper camp attitude must be set ...
    Published on 28-06-2012 13:49
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    A little explanation of efficiency and development of recurve bows
    This started as long post on KF, replying on the question, and finaly developed into this article, for reference. It explains how old static recurve bows work, and development of them and doesn’t have pretension to be all around article on bow history. It can help you in search for perfect traditional bow. ...
    Published on 25-06-2012 16:11
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    by Neil Foote

    Be it necessity or leisure, the snow hole is the most effective form of shelter within a winter mountain environment. Yet unlike woodland shelter, there has to be a lot more judgment and understanding ...
    by Published on 09-12-2011 12:01

    I have been reading the various threads dotted about the internet and thought it might be useful to a few members if I jotted down a few pointers.

    When not running Bushcraft Courses I can be found teaching Skid Avoidance and control techniques.

    There are generally two types of Skid.
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    Six ways to never get lost in a city again

    Published on 02-03-2011 13:07
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    Atlatl Mechanics and Design

    William R. "Atlatl Bob" Perkins
    Previously published 07/10/05 ...

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