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  1. A trip to Beacon Hill

    Just a short one, this time.

    In order to maintain my boast of having visited all of the Gwent Wildlife Trust's, I made my way up to Beacon Hill, near Trellech, above the Wye valley. The site is old Forestry Commission land that had the trees felled, and the Trust is now managing the site to restore heathland. They also dug a couple of ponds, just for a bit of variety. it is very much a work in progress, but it was a bit of the county that I hadn't visited before.

    I ...
  2. Fifty Years of the Gwent Wildlife Trust

    The blog has sort of been in abeyance for a bit, after I stubbed my toe and tore ligaments in my foot. This severely restricted my activities, although I am now on the mend.

    I've been a supporter of Gwent Wildlife Trust for more than 20 years, and many of the staff are personal friends. I am still quite possibly the only person to have visited all of their reserves (staff included). This year is the 50th anniversary of the Trust, which was formed to buy the wetland that is now Magor ...
  3. Of flowers and spoons

    This almost a direct continuation of my Midsummer Night's Dreich post.

    On Sunday I met up with well-known bushcrafting celebrity Elen Sentier so I could show her the orchids that I had seen the day before. A very pleasant time was spent first at Newgrove Meadows Gwent Wildlife Trust reserve, admiring common spotted orchids, twayblade, and green-winged orchids. I took a few more photos.

  4. A Midsummer Night's Dreich

    Ah yes, midsummer night. warm, sultry, dreamy, still, glorious.

    Or not. 'Dreich' is a Scots dialect word meaning weather that is grey, damp and miserable. In this case you can add blustery to the list.

    I had arranged to meet with a young friend of mine, Michael, and do an overnighter on my permission for the shortest night of the year. Michael is 16, a keen photographer, and wildlife enthusiast, and his fondest wish at the moment is to photograph a fox. There are foxes ...
  5. Bit of an RTI rave :)

    One of the members on here- young Spud- found this place a year or so ago and since then, it's been quite the Leicestershire meeters favourite haunt. Not a path to a meet in the midlands occours that we can't bend to include a visit pre- or post journey :)

    Anyway Karl heard about them opening a cafe down there which just makes perfect, better! So it was only right to go and support them for their opening, coinciding perfectly with dropping some stuff to loveliest bush bros and having ...
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