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  1. Start as I mean to go on.

    2014. I've promised myself, after an incredibly busy 2013 to get out more this year. At least once a month if possible. Family commitments had taken priority last year, but are now easing up and my daughter is now at an age where she can accompany me on some of my shorter bimbles. I can't wait to get her out. Far to often is she stuck in front of the TV or with an iPad in hand instead of finding out what amazing things lie beyond the four walls.

    I started out last week with a short ...
  2. A great day out, part 2 - delayed

    <This blog post is an immediate follow-on from my previous one, but has been delayed due to technical problems>

    Steve Williams going home (see part 1) was not a complete disaster for my day. Although I could happily have spent longer with him, I had somewhere else that I needed to be.

    I headed south towards the coast, aiming for Magor Marsh nature reserve, property of the Gwent Wildlife Trust. The Trust has been in the process of reintroducing water voles to ...
  3. Daniel Boone Challange with Suffolk Group 20th -21st September

    Arriving home on Sunday, I unpacked my kit and divided it into the things I would take again and those that I would leave at home or not use at all. The worst piece of equipment I had was the Swedish WWII backpack. It sits nicely around the waist, but its narrow leather shoulder straps cut into my skin even over a woollen jumper. To be fair, the leather is old and despite being waxed it is still hard. Next time it is staying at home.

    I liked the haversack and having some basic kit ...
  4. A great day out part 1: Harvestman goes clubbing

    No, this is not a mid-life crisis "down with the kids" sort of thing. Nothing of the sort. Read on...

    The county borough of Torfaen is my home, within the region now known as Greater Gwent. Now generally I tend to head for the neighbouring county of Monmouthshire on my trips out, but I have realised that I have been neglecting the valleys that are my home. So, I arranged to meet with my old friend Steve Williams, county ecologist for Torfaen County Borough Council, county ...
  5. ouch!!!!!!!!

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