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  1. 24hr Ration Packs - Summer Bargain GB

    Quote Originally Posted by Rigel View Post
    yes please Phil!

    Manhy thanks for organising this!

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    3. MNH
    4. Rob
    5. Scoman
    6. GGTBod (posted)
    8. Rigel (posted)
    9. Woodywoodpacker (posted)
  2. Hudson bay " Twodogs"

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    Its not everyday you get asked to cut up a Hudson bay trade blanket so when your asked it would be rude to say no ....

    Nervous time ..

    All cut ,,

  3. The success of failure (or failure of success)

    My husband says that the U.S. and the UK have very different ideas about success and failure. I've been thinking about this. His theory goes that in the U.S. there is a kind of inbuilt narrative that success is always there to be achieved but that failure on the way is ok, actually a good thing, because it shows that you're working towards something. And if you don't try you can't fail.

    In the UK, failure somehow becomes an end in itself, and that we have the story that failure is ...
  4. Unpacking your fears..

    In long distance and ultra-light backpacking there is a theory that you "pack your fears" ie. That the content of your pack generally has several ways of taking care of the thing you are most apprehensive of. So several ways of starting a fire would mean someone had read Jack London too often as a kid, someone with three ways of staying dry watched too much Gene Kelly, and, well, you get the idea.

    I think one of the joys of bushcraft is that you learn to un-pack your fears ...
  5. Re kindle the fire..

    When I was a teenager I was a tad serious. In my fifth year I saw a careers teacher who thought id make a good nurse (I wouldn't), I wanted to do archaeology. She laughed and remarked that there was no future in it. If I'd been less serious I'd have realised this was meant to be a joke.

    So, when I went to University, and did a PGCE and later still two MAster degrees I got further and further away from this academically. I lectured in the social sciences for ten years. I worked in ...
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