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20-02-2012, 18:15
Didn't have too much on today so I decided to pack the mule & mosey on up to the woods. It's a 2 & a half hour walk from the house so we left at 9.30 this morning. I don't usually take a camera with me but I did this time just for you dear listeners.

We are headin' for the woods above the village.

A kiss under the mistletoe anyone ?

Gettin' nearer....

Plenty of new & interesting smells around here, ( we don't often come this way)

Although the air was chilly, the sun was warm..
We had gone through the village & now taking the yellow clay road to the woods.

This path looked tempting but...............

We took this one.much more fun.


" Are you coming or are you going to stand there taking photos all day ? "

Voila! the chosen pic-nic site 'cause there's something to sit on.

Well earned drink...

The menu? ...cassoulet (that's posh for baked beans & sausages :))

Mmmmmm good enough to eat.

The bush dishwasher

For dessert..........An apple, some white chocolate fingers & an orange & cinnamon tea.

Prehaps it would have been best not to know what I look like :yikes:

After having been fed & watered it was time to hit the trail again,... of course I left the place as I found it.....as R.Mears says "leave only cooking smells"
We continued onwards & eventually joined the path home.

Time for a breather & a spot of vole huntin' before the last ferlong home.........no voles were harmed during the photo shoot....

Well "that's all folks".......a very nice outing & great weather. I also spotted a few interesting sites for future overnighters.
Hope you enjoyed the pics............thanks for listening.

20-02-2012, 19:45
Thanks for taking the time to show your pics. It's always nice seeing what other folks are up to. I see things are starting to green up, something we won't be seeing here till May. Until then the only things green are spruce and pine:)

20-02-2012, 19:48
Love cassoulet but prefer the posh version with duck confit! Quite often cook it over the wood stove here...

20-02-2012, 20:56
the 9th photo down it looks like there is a dark ghostly figure in the back ground also looks like your dog has noticed it lol great pics mate thanks for shareing

20-02-2012, 20:58
the 9th photo down it looks like there is a dark ghostly figure in the back ground also looks like your dog has noticed it lol great pics mate thanks for shareing

Freaky... http://i1260.photobucket.com/albums/ii568/Easternwolf/2012_0605tracks0502.jpg

Silverback 1
20-02-2012, 20:59
Great pics,thanks for posting

27-02-2012, 11:38
Is that a portable dog bowl for drinking water? I've been looking for a solution for my buddy Anton for some time now, but I'm always faffing around with extra water bottles and bowls. Where can I get me one of those!?