View Full Version : bushcraftuk spiderco knife g10 handle

29-08-2011, 13:26
hi guys im new to bush craft and i got my self a new knife i imported from usa i have opend it like twice and then notesd that were the tang runs
round the handle there are now loads of black dots running all round the metal handle tang i hope this aint rust already starteng. could any one help me and tell me what i can do
to clean it of a protect it its 01 steel many thanks mark

29-08-2011, 13:44
First of all welcome to the forum Mark :)

Any chance of some pics of these marks as it'll help identify the problem.

As for looking after it, just make sure it's kept dry and when stored a light wipe over with an oil to help protect it will be ample :)

29-08-2011, 14:02
Don't want to sound down on this but a 200 knife for someone who is new to bushcraft is a little excessive.
Also why import from the US.

Anyway as stated above it's a little difficult to advise without seeing it. If you can upload some pics I'm sure there will be someone who can advise on the problem.