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10-08-2011, 16:48
Well...since the early days of waching Ray Mears, iīve been longing for my own Woodlore...but the price on that knife has always made me back-out on bying one...
But as you all probably know, once you get something stuck in your head long enough, you get more and more determined to get it...
The other day i was looking through the garage for something, canīt remember what, but i accidently stumbeled upon an old file. I looked at the file and thought to myself, at that time just for fun, that this could probably be turned into a nice knife.
Got online and just for fun, googeled a Woodlore, only to discover that the measurements were actually perfect for the file!
Ran out, got my butane-torch and started re-softening the knife, and this is by the way the first time iīve actually done anything like this, a knife from scratch with tempering, hardening and so forth, so bare with me that itīs not perfect of course.
So, filed it down to the appropriate shape, grinded, sanded, hardened, re-tempered, annealeded, made scales, sanded a bit more, cut, cut myself (all of this done with the correct beer-intake to work ratio), and after many hours....there i was with my own Woodlore!

So, some details then!
Overall lenght 22cm, blade 10
Scales are made out of cherry, oiled with linseed oil and buffed.
Steel type and hardness are unknown, but since it took me about one whole day to get the darn thing sharp (and i started with a 400 grit stone). iīd say enough.

So...for the pictures then! but bare in mind that i do need to fancy it up a bit more..


10-08-2011, 16:52
very nice mate, that steel looks like it could be stainless maybe

10-08-2011, 16:53
Yes, i reckon so too...just unsure what type of stainless

10-08-2011, 16:54
Thats better than a Woodlore as its unique - its yours and there is a lot of you in it.

It looks lovely - need to sort out a sheath for it now.

10-08-2011, 16:56
I think you've done an excellent job! especially if this is the first time. You should be really proud of it


10-08-2011, 16:57
well i'd say that's outstanding for a first attempt at knife making, well done chap


10-08-2011, 17:00
Thanks guys! i really appreciate all the great feedback! and yes, a sheath is the next thing on my list!

10-08-2011, 17:08
Very nicely done Aleks goodjob

10-08-2011, 17:31
That is great! :)

10-08-2011, 18:09
That looks superb. Well done mate :)

10-08-2011, 19:42
Nice job! Nothing beats the "i want" "i will learn to make" attitude.. Beats just shelling out hands down.

Barn Owl
10-08-2011, 19:48
Very well done.

10-08-2011, 20:17
lol that is sweet m8 well done!

10-08-2011, 21:24
Cracking job mate


10-08-2011, 21:45
very good work, the steel should be W1 W2 or O1 if its an old file, was it rusted at all?????

10-08-2011, 21:47
Haha, yeah! youīre most right, itīs extremely satisfying to work with a tool thatīs made by you, and that has all those hours put into it...you appreciate it and care for it a lot more that something bought off shelf..
But the third layer of linseed oil on just a couple of minutes ago and going to give it another buffing tomorrow for that last touch, then itīs sheath time as soon as i can score some nice leather!
Again, thank you all for your kind words, very much appreciated!

10-08-2011, 21:52
Actually there was no rust at all, and thatīs a file thatīs been laying around the shop for atleast 5-6 years...untouched

10-08-2011, 22:02
Wow, makes my effort look like a heap of ****!

Wish I had your skills, great looking knife!

11-08-2011, 17:25
lovely knife, I really wish I had enough space, and maybe more willingness, to give it a try. just a quick question, how much does it weights?

14-08-2011, 15:40
lovely knife, I really wish I had enough space, and maybe more willingness, to give it a try. just a quick question, how much does it weights?

Actually forgot it at my parents house, iīll grab it tomorrow and weight it

14-08-2011, 15:59
Congratulations on making a unique knife. The style may be copied but it's a one off you should be very proud of.
Well done indeed.

14-08-2011, 16:29
That is one seriously gorgeous knife, all the more because you created it with your own hands as an act of desire and determination. May it serve you long and well!

04-01-2012, 18:41
Started new thread instead, sorry!

04-01-2012, 19:14
Thats an absolutely stunning knife, fantastic. Well done!

04-01-2012, 19:18
Well, i redid it actually, hereīs the thread..