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07-07-2011, 17:52
Was round at a friend's last night. Didn't realise he owned some woodland. I've now got carte blanche to camp in his wood (plus I can do some chainsawing/coppicing to earn some logs for my stove at home) without knowing I'm trespassing.

On the downside, the wood is famous for being haunted... :(

07-07-2011, 17:59
Nice one.

Now heres waiting for the first ghost report from your first camp there. :p

07-07-2011, 18:05
Being "haunted" is a bonus, it means you are less likely to be botherd by others after dark.


07-07-2011, 18:17
Really shouldn't have read the "Scared of the dark" thread in full...

07-07-2011, 18:28
I slept the night in a strange wood recently (strange to me that is) and as soon as darkness fell it came alive with activity...rustlings, movement of creatures large and small crashing through the undergrowth or sometimes picking their way deftly amongst it. Often they seemed to pass within feet of where I was bedded down. Of course all of this was caused by woodland wildlife, it was, it was, it was..:aargh4: :goodluck:

Spikey DaPikey
07-07-2011, 18:40
Most ghosts are friendly, more so after beer:lmao:

07-07-2011, 20:32
It's funny I have been in a lot of the local woods and there are a few that give out a strange vibe or feeling. I cant say what it is but there is something that is unsettled about a few woods I have been to; just a feeling but there is a chance they may have ghosts, although I have never felt or seen anything like that. It was justgut instinct, ao I have nit been back there since

Good luck with the new wood & if you want anyone to camp out with let us know...

07-07-2011, 20:41
Thanks for the offer (although volunteering to camp in a wood with a stranger is perhaps not the safest course of action - I do like eating pistachios)

07-07-2011, 20:44
On the downside, the wood is famous for being haunted... :(

For goodness sake, don't invite JonathanD - he has enough trouble in his own woods. :D


07-07-2011, 20:46
I find the best way to cope with weird noises is to wear earplugs and drink whiskey. Other than that avoid Blair Witch Project and other scary movies. Why do you always have to finish watching those movies once you start. For me its zombie movies. They scare the whatsits out of me but after a couple of minutes I have to see the whole thing or it is worse. Admit it, Scaredy cat here.

Barn Owl
07-07-2011, 20:51
Ghosts can't harm you, it's the Ghouls and Werewolves that like to eat you.