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30-09-2010, 15:43
Any good suggestions on making a water filter to take into the hills rather than buy one? I bivved in *** **** ******** over the Summer and although I boiled the water that I used to then drink, it had a fair bit of sediment in it, so was wondering on a home-made example? I've made some before through Scouts with a plastic bottle, a pair of tights and some coal & sand, but not very practical in the hills...

30-09-2010, 16:21
I'm a big fan of the MOD millbank bags, as far as I know they're just a fine weave cotton with a treatment added to stop them rotting. You could knock one up but don't expect it to last for too long if you use it a lot. After the millbank I boil it up and job's a good un.

http://www.endicotts.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=1 360&osCsid=1ba7ca688e5ef3743e45caa 1e58dd927

30-09-2010, 16:38
If it's just sediment then a lightweight but good sized piece of wool flannel would do. Just like the stuff that old jam making jelly bags were made from.

Just shake it off, squeeze it out and air dry if you can. It's wool though, so it won't mind being damp for a wee while until you get it home and washed and dried out properly.

Somewhere, ( another back of a cupboard somewhere :rolleyes:) I have some.
Ach, just hot wash a bit of old woollen jumper or blanket and that'll felt it and it'll work fine.
It won't mildew like cotton, but it might get munched by mice or moths if you don't store kit safely.


The Big Lebowski
30-09-2010, 16:51
When are you going?

I get sheets of pollynit heatseal from work, 7"x7" that i simply double up (two sheets) and place over a recepticle with a couple of laccy bands to hold it in place...

Its ultra fine weave, and wont rot. simple boil and a grit free cuppa!

Freel free to PM your addy and i'll post you some :)


30-09-2010, 17:04
Could I use a standard un-treated/un-scented cloth from the super market?

30-09-2010, 17:06
I don't see why not, if it's only to get some sediment out before you boil then a lot of fabrics would do the trick.

30-09-2010, 17:34
try buying a jelly bag which is a realy fine plastic/nylon mesh. only a few quid wont rot is small and would fit inside you water bottle or cup. it also folds down to next to nout.....

hope this helps.


30-09-2010, 19:56
Use a coffee filter paper - not hardcore or trad bushcraft but stops sediment................