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17-09-2010, 20:25
Firstly apologies if this is a very generic "Newbie" question. If it is then just ignore me!

Basically I'm very new to the whole bushcraft thing and on a steep learning curve at the moment.

I understand that there are thousands of different blade makers out there and prices vary considerably. Now I really dont wanna be one of these guys who stomps into a group of people shouting "whats the best knife you can buy" and then going out and buying it. A typical case of 'all the gear, no idea'! However on the flipside I rather not waste money buying a 50 quid knife thats gonna last a year when I can buy a decent knife that'll last forever with good care.

I do actually own a Gerber Big Rock (don't laugh:lmao:), and to use simply to beat up and tune new skills, i think it'll do the trick, however for the long term I've been looking at Martin Knifes from the US as they seem to be pretty good quality as do the Bernie Garland knifes.

Any comments or advice would be very much appreciated.

17-09-2010, 20:28
You can't go wrong with a Bernie Garland knife, great build quality and good customer service. It'll certainly last you if that's what you're looking for.

British Red
17-09-2010, 20:31
A Frosts Mora is all the knife you will ever need - get an 840


All else is vanity (and yes, we all have them) - but the Mora is a better knife than most of us need

17-09-2010, 20:32
Frosts Mora.
You can't go wrong, and if you shop around you'll get change from a tenner.
Good steel that holds a scary sharp edge, and extremely capable.
Mors Kochanski swears by them, and he's not the only one.

17-09-2010, 20:32
Drop me a PM, assure me you are legal to accept one and I'll send you a Mora ;)

17-09-2010, 21:00
A Mora is indeed all the knife you will ever need. Want, that is another thing entirely.

17-09-2010, 22:22
+1 on the mora. I'm still real new to knives, I'm up to two fixed blades, and my first was a Mora Bushcraft (http://www.heinnie.com/product.asp?strParents=&CAT_ID=0&P_ID=5084&strPageHistory=search&numSearchStartRecord=1) from Heinnies - defo recommend them very smooth handling and VERY quick shipping.

The knife is good, arrived razor sharp and the steel seems pretty good. I went with that model over other Moras because it has a longer (3/4 length) tang and decided it'd be a bit 'safer' when battoning with the knife.